Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Malaysian hatred

There are a few people, (hold the phone!) ok ok there's a lot of people nowadays especially the one that called themselve "Urban People" doesnt know how to appreciate things around them. Maybe they're too damn rich or yuppies wannabe. *sigh*

These kind of people really pissed me off. Everything here (Malaysia) is sucks to them. They like to compare with other country especially yang maju maju lah macam US, Europe and for Asia of coz lah Japan. Others in Asia x cool bagi dia orang wal hal Korea/China/Taiwan tu jauh lagi maju dari Malaysia. Even Emirates (Dubai/Abu Dhabi) lagi bersih dari Kuala Lumpur. Mereka tidak sedar yang mereka belum lagi layak pun untuk berada di sana dari segi pemikiran, attitude dan gaya hidup. Pernah tak anda dengar yang orang tempatan mengkagumi sikap orang luar (kecuali Pak Arab) yang sangat menjaga kebersihan dan tahap sopan santun yang lebih tinggi dari kita?

Mereka respect org luar dan kutuk2 orang Malaysia wal hal mereka2 x ikut pun aper yang org luar tu buat. Sebagai contoh mase mula2 cafe Ikea Mutiara Damansara buka, pihak management Ikea nak memula kan sesuatu benda yang baru di mana sape2 yang makan perlu mengangkat pinggan mangkuk mereka ke tempat yang di sedia kan. Tapi masyarakat kita tak dapat nak praktikan benda tu dan akhirnya bertimbun lah sampah atas meja dan bawah meja. Last2 pihak management Ikea terpakse hired Bangla2 tuk buat kerja2 pembersihan tu sume sampai sekarang. So di mane mereka2 yang ingin kan perubahan seperti mane di negara2 maju? Benda yang simple macam ni pun x bole nk ikut. Bila di tanya kenape korang tak ikut macam mane orang Jepun buat? Jawapan nya, "whats the point nk buat sebab orang lain tak buat pun." Ni salah satu contoh lah, yang lain aku malas nk taip.

Ada satu blog yang aku bace ni tulis Malaysia tak akan maju sebab toilet di Malaysia basah dan kotor. Bodoh sial mamat ni, orang putih pakai toilet paper jer tu sebab kering. Lagi pun x semua toilet orang putih tur bersih. Aku dah pegi dah London, same jer kotor toilet nyer, maju jer negara tu aku tengok. Pengalaman tak seluas mane tapi sembang macam satu dunia dah pergi. Jepun pun aku dah pergi, takder lah bersih sangat sampai berkilau2.

Mungkin ader dia antara korang tak tau tapi aku di kelilingi oleh orang2 seperti ini. Kekadang panas jugak telinga dengar derang asyik nk kondem jer. Kite yang memulanya malas nk ambik pot tapi lelame jadi panas hati plak bile asyik dengar kondeman yang same jer. Kalau dah x suke sgt duduk Malaysia ni pegi berambos jer lah. Takde orang pun nak larang. Tapi aku jamin seminggu kat sane mesti rase nak balik Malaysia dah. Tak percaya korang tanyer lah student2 overseas tur. Memang tak di nafikan memang banyak kelemahan kat Malaysia ni, tapi kalau nk berubah kita kene mengubah diri kita terlebih dahulu. In order to change the world, we have to change ourselve first.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Xperia X1

Forget iPhone, here comes Xperia

The Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 smartphone has almost everything you'd need, and is supposed to be a strong statement that the developer is a force to be reckoned with in the coming years. But while the potential is certainly there, there are glaring misses in the execution.

Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 contains many features previously unseen in Sony Ericsson mobiles. Their earlier products in the smartphone segment have featured limited new ideas and have been tainted by the slow, somewhat illogical UIQ interface.

In contrast, the Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 contains everything but the kitchen sink and uses Windows Mobile 6.1. This gives it a lot of advantages compared to its predecessors, but also highlights some less impressive aspects. It also lacks a bit of the Sony Ericsson "feel" in several ways.

The outside of the Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 features an eye-catcher we have requested for a long time from Sony Ericsson with regards to its Walkman music phones; a 3.5mm plug for earphones. This is a first for Sony Ericsson and, as far as we've seen before, unique for any Windows Mobile-based phone. Kudos. Most of the phone is solidly built with a metal shell, but the front button are made of almost ridiculously unstable plastic, which taints our first impressions.

A fun feature of the Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 is the navigation cross, with a central button that doubles as a touchpad. It's not entirely to our liking since a mouse pointer is nowhere to be found on-screen, a feature better implemented in, for instance, the Samsung I780 earlier this year.
Now you use it for scrolling instead, but we find old-school clicking more effective. We find another use for that same navigation cross when the keyboard is extended, since there are no directional arrows in the keyboard. After using the perfect five-row keyboard on the Sony Ericsson Xperia X1's cousin, the HTC Touch Pro, it also bothers us a bit that you have to use the function keys to access numbers.

Apart from that the Sony Ericsson Xperia X1's keyboard is good, with slightly raised separate keys sitting a millimeter apart. It's rather comfortable to write on, but, again, not as comfortable as the HTC Touch Pro's equivalent.

There's a good reason that we keep mentioning the HTC Touch Pro, as both phones are more or less identical hardware-wise. The 'Sony Ericsson' Xperia X1 is being manufactured by HTC, though Sony Ericsson has gone to lengths to communicate that they have developed the phone without HTC:s input. Even so, it makes sense to compare the two, as both phones are based on Windows Mobile and also are in the same price range - at least on the Swedish market.
The Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 has a little more RAM and the display is 800x480 as opposed to the straight-laced VGA resolution in the Touch Pro. This gives the screen, and consequently the entire X1, a slightly longer and more narrow shell, which also explain the lack of dedicated number keys on the keyboard.

The Windows mobile base in the Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 has, like all Windows Mobile-based touchscreen phones, been supplemented with a homegrown graphical interface called the X-Panel, since the system itself is the textbook definition of the word clutter.
The X-Panel consists of a number of different start screens shown either as a grid or as a fan. The only screen you cannot replace with any of the built-in (or downloadable) alternate designs is the main Today screen that acts as Windows Mobile's foundation. Applications include a media file drawer we've seen in other Sony Ericsson models, a calendar screen, radio, Google search and so on.

The best screen we've seen during the test is available for free download and is an adaptation of the SPB Mobile Shell; it simply shows everything the regular Windows interface does, but beefs up the size to facilitate use of your index finger instead of the stylus.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

All Hope Is Gone

Its a bit to late but who cares. Slipknot will always be my all time favorite band alive. Of coz GNR and Nirvana is on the list but they all dah xder. Even though GNR sebenar nyer wujud lagi (album baru baru jer released) tp aku anggap dah xder sebab GNR yang tinggal hanya Axl Rose. Seperti mane quote dari REVOLVER, "Guns N' Roses (Axl with other dudes)". It sucks!!

Slipknot latest album "All Hope Is Gone". This album slightly different from the previous one (Vol. 3 - Subliminal Verses) but still kick-ass!!

The new album has hit me like a sledgehammer. I have hardly listened to anything else since it has been purchased - yes, I actually BOUGHT it - and it has confided such gentle mercies upon me that I feel an ode to how splendid this piece of work is is in order.

During an interview with Kerrang!, drummer Jordison said, "It's going to be heavier than 'Vol. 3...' but just as weird and as experimental."Vocalist Taylor reiterated this when he described All Hope Is Gone as a "very dark" combination of the band's two most recent studio albums, Iowa and Vol. 3

And sekali lagi Slipknot being nominated in Grammy Awards 2009 for Best Metal Performance. Menang ker tak tau lagi lar but still its a great news for them. Hope they will be touring in Singapore this year (M'sia xleh blah!) kompem aku turun!