Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Bitch Slapin'

I should have known it from the start what I was in for. She break a tin full, she copied, we exchanged some info. Called her on the tele, conversations were simple, ain't playin' games, my game, retain the tempo. And things, no shame, two sparks turned into flames, Nimpho's in the park, just dancin' in the rain. Hook me with this fix, and look to drain my aim, Some never retain what wouldn't suck from your veins. Rest us, rest us from the pain, if I ask. Ashamed cos a game keep playin' me wrong. Promise not to ever sing a damn 'nother song, Until I realize who the fuck I am. A man out of sync with his own program, trying to find some kind of inner link. She's the epitomy of sweet misery, The sweeter the stroke, the deeper the pain given. There's an angel, angle sex-driven. Dangerous sex kitten, warm as a mitten. Fittin' like a glove, with abstract relations, Testin' all my patience, push comes to shove. Emotional masturbation, fuckin' with my love, Fuckin' with my life, fuckin' all the above. You see this time, I cannot ever never love another, cunt You trick ass slut, love twice and you'll get fucked.

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